What am I giving towards?
GRF exists for the following which is what our mission statement says “Strategic partnerships with Indigenous Missionaries”. We partner and help mobile those who can take the Gospel to places we can’t for the purpose of disciples making disciples. God has called us to stay focused on this.

Once you GIVE your tithe through your local Church, we believe this is God’s Storehouse, if you can GIVE through Lottie Moon Offering (directly funds IMB Missionaries), if you can GIVE through offerings like Annie Armstrong (funds The Gospel reaching all of North America) and if God allows you please GIVE to Gospel Reach Foundation.

We know that we are currently called to focus and learn what God is calling us to through active partnerships in Panama and that region. We are joined in partnership with Indigenous Missionaries, Indigenous Churches, National Missionaries (Panamanian) and National Churches (Panamanian) that are leveraging God’s Call, their hearts to follow, their language and their culture to be disciples making disciples.

It is IMPORTANT that you know that Gospel Reach Foundation DOES NOT pay any salaries to its leadership, the majority of all funds (apart from minimal operating expenses, i.e. media, minimal technology support) goes directly towards Gospel Partnerships in Panama and the region

Thank you for Partnering in The Gospel Reaching  “our neighbors and the nations”

GRF Missionary Training Center
God has allowed GRF and our Indigeneous Partners to secure a small track of land were a small trainging center wil be built. The purpose of the training center is to focus on disciple making and sending out Indigenous Missionaries to places that only they can go. There is a cost to this effort and we would ask that you would pray and give sacrificially according to God's leading. 
How can I give?

By Check:


Gospel Reach Foundation
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